Biochem Trade S.L. is a dynamic company which specializes in trading of petroleum products, lubricant oils, vegetable oils and wide range of chemicals which suits the most demanding needs of our clients.

Due to our contacts in Eastern Europe and countries of former Soviet Union we can provide best quality products in lowest possible prices. Our company cooperates directly with producing plants, so there are no agents between the producer and our Client.

Biochem Trade S.L. not only will provide needed goods but also is expert in logistics. Our transport fleet contains about 50 road tankers and variety of other transport vehicles. We can organize transport by roads, railroads, sea and air.







according to the

Renewable Energy Directive (RED)

(DIRECTIVE 2009/28/EC of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT and of THE COUNCIL of 23 April  2009 on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources)


   Certificate Number: EU-ISCC-Cert-DE110-75140561

  DEKRA Certification GmbH

Handwerkstraße 15 * D – 70565 Stuttgart

certifies that


Biochem Trade S.L. VIA AUGUSTA, 2 BIS. 5º

E08006 BARCELONA, Spain


complies with the requirements of the RED and the certification system

ISCC EU (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification)

which is approved by the European Commission.


This certificate is valid from 23.09.2014 to 22.09.2015 The certified site of the system user is a (type of operation):

Trader without warehouse

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